texture - the feel, consistency and appearance of a surface material.

Accept your natural beauty for what it is and that's BE-YOU-tiful! All growth begins by accepting your true self and not comparing yourself to external entities. With acceptance promotes self love which is a strong element throughout the natural hair journey. 


  • Now that you have taken a turn on Texture Trail, let us inform you that you are one step closer to navigating a grand natural hair experience. The key to achieving that specific goal whether that be hair reaching waist length, fullness, moisture retention, shine etc... you must establish a relationship with your hair. In other words, you have to understand the texture in order to nourish the texture PROPERLY! 

  • Question: But how do I form a relationship with my hair regarding texture?


Secondly, take a strand of your hair and slightly wet it with cool water. Slowly and carefully, run your fingers through to get texture to it's pure definition.


Analyze the texture thoroughly and based on your observation, revert to the image above to determine it's texture. 


Navigate to "Porosity Pkwy" to understand how porosity plays a big role in your natural hair journey! 


Understand that there is a difference between kink, curl & coil.

Kink or "kinky hair" refers to hair that has an extremely tight curl to where it's "Z" or zigzag shaped. Type 4b- 4c

Curly hair refers to hair that maintains a more circular or spiral shape resulting into a looser pattern than kinky hair. Type 3a-3c

Coily hair is quite similar to kinky hair. Rather, the hair has a tigher spiral rather than a zigzap shape causing the hair to be much thicker. Type 4a.

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