shrinkage - when natural curly, kinky or coily hair reduces in size and length in its wet to dry state. 

More shrinkage the better because it displays how HEALTHY and UNIQUE your hair is! 

Look, we get it! Shrinkage is truly not a natural's best friend. However, if we told you that shrinkage is actually a healthy sign... would you consider adding it to your list of good features?


As stated before, to grow your hair you must know your hair and shrinkage is one of those things. Shrinkage is bound to happen when you're natural because it involves the process of the hair follicle absorbing moisture which is NORMAL!


When the hair is completely soaked with water, humidity or moisturizer of your choice, your curls, kinks or coils act as a sponge! Absorbing all the moisture it can hold, it causes the hair to shrink between 75%-90% back to its texture! In most cases, those with type 4 hair will experience shrinkage more than type 3 hair because their natural texture is of a tighter curl pattern! 

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