Ritual Oil

Ritual Oil

Why is the ritual oil so rich? In this case, our Ritual Oil is rich because its general makeup consists of sacred herbs that protect the dwellings of the mind, body and spirit. For instance, the sage is an aboriginal plant that has been scientifically proven to elevate one’s conscious, deplete bad energy, purifies space & soothes soul. In addition, Rosemary is a well-used sacred plant whose functions are quite similar to sage & its magic. With a dynamic combo like such, it’s important to use these herbs consistently to promote the health of ones natural crown. When this product is applied to the crown, expect moisture to be sealed in, dryness prevented, less breakage, dandruff reduced, split ends treated, scalp less irritated, frizz tamed, delay of greying and shine enhanced! Oil can be used daily after hair has been coated with the Nefeteriti Hair Butter to seal in moisture. Place dropper close to scalp and gently squeeze the top so oil can exit and work its magic. Do not apply oil to your hair if you plan on using a blow dryer after a wash or co-wash because it will cause serious heat damage! Ingredients : organic rosemary, sage, rosemary oil & olive oil.
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