Southern Sweet Peach Shampoo

Southern Sweet Peach Shampoo


Why Southern Sweet Peach Shampoo? Why not is the better question! The purpose of this shampoo is to cleanse the scalp of buildup to breathe. Just think about it, your scalp is apart of the largest organ on your body which is the skin. Given that, it is necessary to treat the scalp as the living being it is which means to cleanse, moisturize, hydrate and protect. So when things like dirt, flakes and dandruff takeover the scalp, it’s the shampoo’s job to fight against such things to keep the hair alive for many washes to come! This product is packed with essential oils such as lavender, grapeseed & coconut , to improve scalp circulation,prevent dryness, breakage, moisture & deliver a fresh aroma! Not to mention, the peach herbal green tea serves as a fertilizer to multiply the growth of hair follicles which is a curlfriends bestfriend. For this product to work its magic, apply small amounts of the shampoo on your hair and gently massage it in with fingertips to form a lather. After all is washed, rinse out with warm water. Ingredients : 100% African Black Soap, water, lavender oil , lavender buds, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, coconut milk & peach herbal green tea.

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