hair porosity - the hair follicles ability to absorb and hold moisture. 


Low Porosity Hair - hair cuticle consists of layers with no gaps which makes it extremely hard for hair to be saturated or moisturized.

Medium Porosity Hair - hair cuticle layer consists of looser gaps making it easier for hair to be saturated and moisturized for longer periods of time with little maintenance.

High Porosity Hair - hair cuticle consists of layers with large gaps making moisture and saturation enter and exit at a faster rate which can cause dryness and breakage.


Soak your hair with warm water and a moisturizer of your choice and record how long it takes for the water and product to penetrate. **use warm water to get the best results regarding the opening of the hair follicle.**

If it takes 5 minutes or longer for hair to absorb the water and moisturizer,  your hair is of low porosity. If it takes between 2-3 minutes, your hair has a medium porosity. Anything less than 2 minutes, hair is of a high porosity. 

As said on Texture Trail, to grow your hair you must know your hair. Given that, you have to develop a keen eye for the porosity of your hair by running several procedures. These procedures are not mandatory but are recommended for the use of self-knowledge and growth! 


A strand test: involves taking one strand of hair and placing it into a cup of water. Once hair has been placed in cup, observe if the strand floats or sinks after a period of time. Depending on your results, this determines if your hair falls under one of the three porosity categories. CHECK out information on the side! 

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