What hair type works best with your products? 

  •  According to our customer's experiences, our products work its magic the best with kinky & tightly coiled hair such as type 3C-4C. 

How long is the shelf life of your products? 

  • The Ritual Oil, Butterlicious Hair Cream Afro Gello and Gimme Some Sugar Scalp Scrub has a shelf life up to a year. However, the conditioner & shampoo's shelf life is up to 3-6 months when kept in cool places away from sun. Due to conditioner containing coconut milk, it is better to keep product in a refrigerator to maintain its freshness.

Do you ship international? 

  • At the moment, we only ship in the United States. As our business grows, we will then ship internationally.

What quality of water is in the products? 

The water we use in our products is distilled water. This kind of water is purified because the water is boiled and the collected steam is converted back into liquid to remove all impurities and minerals from it. Basically, this gives you the most sacred natural experience for your hair!  

Are the products safe for babies? 

  • Our products are 100% safe for your bundle of joy! 

Are locs welcomed? 

  • Absolutely! All products are residue free so you don't have to worry about leftover particles getting trapped in your locs!

What precautions are you taking regarding Covid-19? 

  • Here at Blaxology we are taking major measures to prevent the spread of Covid 19. Those precautions include: washing and sanitizing all bottles, utensils, surfaces and packaging tools, using gloves throughout production, wearing face masks and washing hands before, during and after production, shipping and other organizing tasks. 

Can the conditioner be used as a leave-in conditioner? 

  • Depending on the state of you hair it can or cannot. For instance, if your hair is of a high porosity, it's best to use it as a deep conditioner so hair can  absorb the moisture for a set time frame and be rinsed out with cool water to trap the moisture from exiting quickly. However, if your hair is of a lower porosity, it's best to be used as a leave in conditioner so hair has a longer period of time to be saturated due to the hair cuticle having smaller gaps for moisture to enter. 

Can the product reverse heat damage so I don't have to do the big chop? 

  • Yes! As long as you create a healthy hair routine and be consistent, you don't have to undergo a big chop. For instance, doing weekly co-washes assists with returning curls back to their natural definition.  Staying away from blow-dryers and straighteners are key to reversing heat damage. 

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