The formation of Blaxology is similar to the cultivation of a flower. At the beginning, this business was a just an idea or seed that was planted in fertile soil by the owner, Courtney Brown during her matriculation at Florida A&M University. As time progressed, research became a daily devotion that the owner watered with consistent and quality care that slowly made its light more visible in the world.  Supplying tips on the importance of using plant-based elements in one's hair diet rooted knowledge in the stems of many. Given that, Blaxology's dedication towards promoting wealth & health has made it more than just a business but an organic resource in the black community. 

Blaxology is a black-owned business based in Orlando, Florida that handmakes organic vegan friendly hair products for naturals. Our products have zero preservatives, sulfates and parabens in them to ensure each crown experiences the natural way of hair manifestation. 

All ingredients in our products originate from mother earth herself and is blessed with sacred crystals   and  other spiritual necessities to stimulate  greatness upon each crown. Blaxology is here  to help make your crown be elite and nothing less or in between. As said before, our mission is to nourish each kink, curl and coil at a time.  With that being said, always remember, that it's one thing to sell hair products to gain profit but it's another when you create hair products to bring out someone's worth in their own unique crown. 

- Thanks. 

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