"Nourishing one kink, curl and coil at a time." 





Here at Blaxology, the "ology" behind our hair line is to always consider, care and amplify our customer's health first by assisting with the blooming process of ones natural crown.! With our services, we ensure that each customer is provided with essential resources in the formation of organic and vegan friendly products and engaging information to achieve your desired natural hair goal. The natural hair journey is one that can be time consuming, tiresome and sometimes  difficult when being judge for living your truth which defines natural beauty. Despite society norms and criticisms, we at Blaxology don't want anyone to feel alone in the midst of a life blossoming experience. Given that, we are here to supply and revive your natural hair care needs at all times regardless of the world's outlook!


Our products do the following: 

 adds moisture, promotes softness, increases shine, tames frizz, reduces dandruff, treat eczema, treats psoriasis, prevents breakage, reduces shedding, reduces tangles, cleanses hair, secures natural oils and promote definition. 



According to what the boulevard is saying, the Ritual Oil is customer's favorite! 


Chile boo, that Africado Deep Conditioner is what we like to call the curl rejuvenator! 


Nefertiti Hair Butter is packed with mega moisture for both beards and crowns to blossom!


""Yessssss mam, that Ritual Oil feels oh so good on a sista scalp! Feel like it just quenches the thirst of the scalp! Blaxology, I NEED MORE!!!"

- Jycara C. 

"That Nefertit Hair Butter has been making my husband's beard grow thicker and that oil is soo soothing on my scalp girl!!"- Latisha R.

"I really like the buttercream. I needed something for everyday and the deep conditioner is helping to soften my hair."

- Marcella R.

"My fiancé beard is more softer & manageable since he has used the Nefertit Hair Butter." 

- Elordegee T.

"Thank you so much blaxology for supplying your services and products! Ever since I've added the products to my daughter's hair care routine she has experienced less tangles, more length, more moisture, less dandruff, shine and little to no frizz! You are a truly a CURL SAVER!!!"

- Kim P. 

"Blaxology has always treated my curls with kindness and love. With every product I’ve ever bought my crown gets happier and happier every time! This new formula has left my curls tight, moisturized, and kink free for more than 24 hours. Blaxology is the TRUTH." - Pilar C.

"Softer and better in general I'm really loving them the conditioner worked wonders before my retwist and now the ritual oil is keeping me right and my scalps thirst quenched."

- Jermanie L.

"This dogonnnnne oil is amazing! Thank YOU! I've always liked your hair stuff. I'll be getting more in the near future." - Jessica R.

"I used the Yaa Asantewaa Shampoo and the Africado Deep Conditioner. I have dry 4b/c hair. The products nourished my hair and scalp like no other! I also followed with the Nefertiti Hair Butter which I also love to use on my body! I have never retained moisture for this long using products with preservatives. My hair feels so healthy! Definitely will be shopping here again!"

- LaBresia A.

"That hair butter working good. It got my beard soft! Preciate the product!

- Jarrel B.

Yooo, all I know is that since I've been using the Nefertiti Hair Butter on my beard.... let's just say the ladies can't get enough of it! Thanks Blaxology for blessing my beard!

- Devin H. 

"That Nefertit Hair Butter got my curls revived and poppin" - Linney O. 

"I'm loving the shea butter and ritual oil so far, had to order more!" - Errica H. 

I've never used a shampoo that actually made my curls feel so moisturized before! Not to mention, the smell!!!! You got a customer FOR LIFE!!!!!

- Sasha S. 

we like hearing from you but we truly love seeing your experience with us! feel free to send us a before vs. after picture or video to be featured on our website and Instagram!




( high quality pictures and or videos preferred )


Location: Orlando, Florida

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